Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blog Post #1

I often think about what I want my dream classroom or school to look like. It is very similar to Krissy Venosdale's dream school. I picture it to be colorful, with the walls filled with artwork. Technology to be incorporated in all classrooms. I picture it to be welcoming to parents and students. I picture smiling faces on children and staff. Sugata Mitra also had a viewpoint for school. His viewpoint is to change the education system into something better. He has taught many children and shared his ideas with the world to better education.

What I Want My Students To Know

I want my students to know that they are learning and that it is okay to make mistakes. I want them to be themselves. I want my students to know that I care about their education and their future.

What I Want My Students To Be Able To Do

I want my students to be able to learn, read fluently, write creatively, use their imagination and ask questions. I want them to love, laugh, and forgive.

My Primary Way Of Teaching

My primary way of teaching will be to model what I want them to learn. I will incorporate technology, hands on participation, groups, and lecture.

What Tools Will I Use

I will use many tools such as smart boards, iPads, computers, books, paper, paint, markers, pencils, and educational games just to name a few.

What Role Will My Students Play

My students will play the main role in the classroom. They will be the learners and the teachers. They will teach me and the other students without their knowledge. They will participate and interact in whole group, small group, and one on one. The students role will make learning fun and exciting.

Practice Blog Post

My name is Lauren Macon. I have lived in Mobile, Alabama my whole life. I love art and think it plays an important role in education. I knew I wanted to be an elementary teacher ever since I was little. My mom is a retired elementary teacher and I also have many educators in my family. I am the only child, but I have been blessed with a huge family and lots of cousins. I have been a PreK 3 teacher for three years and I love it. Children are my passion. I am excited to be on this journey as a future educator.