Sunday, June 2, 2013

Blog Post #2

Mr. Dancealot

In the video, Mr. Dancealot teaches his class with a powerpoint. He demonstrates the dances behind a large desk so that the students cannot see the movements of his feet. Also, he did not let the students participate. This style of teaching was nearly impossible for the students to learn anything. This is what Burp-Back Education looks like in the classroom. The students did not learn anything. When teaching a dance class, the students must be in a ballroom learning and practicing the dance. Mr. Dancealot expected the students to know the dance without practicing. This goes for other subjects in the classroom as well. How is one supposed to learn anything if they are not involved? Many teachers have taught and are teaching this way, giving a disadvantage to students.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

In the video, "Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts," Vicki Davis teaches in a classroom full of technology. She not only teaches, but her students teach too. She states that a teacher does not need to know everything about a subject to teach it. They are learning together, and the students are teaching her new things as well. Her students collaboratively write and create videos with other students. The students are becoming comfortable with technology and are becoming connected with students all over the world.


  1. Lauren, I agree with this post! You do not need to know everything about a specific subject to teach it. I also like how she is not the only teacher in the classroom, but how her students are teachers as well. Nice job, and you do not need to make any revisions!

  2. Lauren,
    Have you ever had a teacher like Dr. Dancealot? A professor who didn't really allow their students to have a voice or participate in class. I can think of one teacher I had in high school who taught this way, of course he longer teaches there. I can always remember getting help from someone other than my teacher outside of the classroom. I want to have a relationship with my students and for them to able to come to me for any of their problems.
    "When teaching a dance class, the students must be in a ballroom learning.." MUST the students be in a ballroom to be able to learn the dance? I can't wait to take my students to different environments for lessons. For example, my science lessons I want to take them outside and let them see hands on what we are talking about.
    The second part we revised as a group. :)
    Keep up the good work and keep an open mind, you're going to do great in EDM!

  3. Yes, I have had a teacher like Dr. Dancealot. I want my students to be able to come to me if there is ever a problem. Also, like you stated, I would want to take my students outside of the classroom to learn as well. Thank you for the comments!