Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blog Post #5

Children Holding Hands

Judy Scharf Podcast Collection

Judy Scharf describes the word podcast as a cross between "broadcast" and "iPod." Scharf describes it as a "radio-style" talk show and it may include music. Podcasts may be listened to on any computer or MP3 player and can be shared all over the world via internet. Scharf also lists two videos for a better understanding. One is a video on how to create a podcast. The other is an instructional video from TeacherTube. This video gives step by step instructions on how to create a podcast. Scharf also gives her own tips to creating a successful podcast.

Lanwitches- Podcasting with First Grade

In this blog, a first grade class was excited about being introduced to podcasting. The teacher read a book to the class, one chapter at a time. As a class, they came up with questions and answers as if they were interviewing the two main characters in the book. Each student had the opportunity to ask the questions and answer them. The students were eager to hear themselves on audio after recording and editing the podcast.

Langwitches- Flat Stanley Podcast

A first grade class read the book "Flat Stanley" by Jim Brown. After reading "Flat Stanley", the students wanted to be flattened and mailed around the world. Each student picked a location around the world they wanted to visit. They borrowed a library book about the location and used the internet to research their destination. With their parents, they read the book and wrote a short script that included the location (city, state, country, continent), how they got there (transportation), what they did, and how they got back home. The class brainstormed with their teacher a storyline so that each student had a part in the podcast. With enthusiasm and excitement, the class recorded their podcast.


  1. Lauren,
    Wasn't it great to hear the excitement in the children's voices as they created their own podcast? It really encourages me to do a podcast with my students so I can see the excitement in each of them.

    You did a really good job summarizing the posts you looked at this week and providing working links for us to visit ourselves.

    Great job this week, can't wait to create our own podcast next week! :)

  2. Lauren,
    I thought it was great that you researched more about podcasts and then gave a little background for the reader. I think podcasts are great for younger children because they love being creative, working together, and hearing themselves recorded. The Flat Stanley project is one of my favorites as well! Also, be sure to include more of your own personal commentary and insight to the summaries of what you learned. Don't be afraid to add your own spin on the assignment to give visitors to your blog a sense of your personality.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Thorough. Your summaries are well done. But what do you think about all of this? You are unseen and unheard in your post. See Carly's comment above.

  4. Very nice job, Lauren!!! Your post was well organized and I do not see where you need to correct anything!! Great job!! Keep it up!