Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Blog Post #3

Peer Editing

Peer Editing

Peer Editing is working with someone your own age by improving, revising, and editing his or her writing according to "What is Peer Editing?" and "Peer Edit With Perfection Tutorial." These are great sources for students to know how they are supposed to peer edit without being a "Picky Patty" or a "Mean Margaret." I would always get nervous when the teacher said to pass your paper to another student for peer editing. I never knew if I would get a "Speedy Sandy" who didn't really read the paper or a "Jean the Generalizer." As I got older, I liked peer editing and wanted classmates to read my writing before I turned it into the teacher.

There are three steps in completing peer editing. The first one is to give compliments. When revising, be sure to say what the writer did really well. Most importantly, STAY POSITIVE! The second step is suggestions. Make suggestions such as how your classmate can improve their writing, word choice, enough details, organization, sentence structure, etc. When making suggestions, be specific. The third step is making corrections such as punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Remember to stay positive during these three steps. When editing, we should approach the classmate as we would a student. This assignment has given me suggestions and ideas of critiquing my peers and when I become a teacher.

When I critique my group members, I will do so honestly. So far, my group members have typed well written posts with minor revisions needed. If I do find an error in my group members posts, I will email them the revisions they need to correct. I would hope they would do the same for me. I choose this way of commenting because I would not want to humiliate my group members on their blog publicly. My group members have very good organizational skills when writing their blogs. I will use these three steps when critiquing my group members and I will remember the first rule, stay positive.


  1. Lauren, nice post! I too, would get nervous, but am now better about peer editing! I do not see any mistakes, great job!
    See you in class Tuesday!