Sunday, June 9, 2013

C4T #1

Comments for Teacher

For my first C4T assignment, I was assigned to comment on a blog created by Mrs. Denise Krebs. Denise Krebs is a certified K-8 teacher who reflects on 21st century education in her blog. She has taught for seventeen years in Arizona, California, and Iowa. She is currently a junior high teacher for 7th and 8th graders.

The first post I commented on, Mrs. Denise Krebs wrote about what it meant for students to learn, create, or master a skill during genius hour. Instead of the students producing what she wants them to, she is learning to let them take action. I commented that "It’s hard for us as teachers to let go and let students learn" as she said in her post. But, it is a way of letting the students think for themselves and create new ideas. Genius hour seems to really get their minds to create, imagine, and inspire.

For the second post, Mrs. Denise Krebs explained that just because you fail at something does not mean you are a failure. She then explained that failure was just a first attempt at learning. I commented that it is important for students to realize that just because they fail at something, does not mean they are a failure. We learn from our mistakes and our fails. She does not use the words fail or failure in an educational context. Instead, she uses words such as resiliency, persistence, perseverance, and grit.

I enjoyed reading these posts from Mrs. Denise Krebs. She is passionate about what she writes in her blog.


  1. It is hard to let students learn instead of trying to teach them. It is, however, essential if you are going to be an effective educator!

    Very good.