Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blog Post #11

First Grade Technology
Ms. Cassidy, a first grade teacher from Canada, uses technology in her classroom everyday with her students. In the video, Little Kids...Big Potential, Ms. Cassidy's first graders explain their use of technology in the classroom. I loved that these first graders were blogging! My first blog was this year in EDM310 and these first graders do it everyday in their classroom. I want to incorporate blogging in my future classroom. People from all over the world are reading these students blogs. Amazing! If they were writing on pencil and paper, that couldn't happen. The students said that writing on their blog makes them a better writer. They are able to see their mistakes and correct them. Another tool Ms. Cassidy's class uses is Skype. They use this to communicate with other educators and other students around the world. I will use Skype in my future classroom as well. Skype would be a great tool to use to let the children ask questions, interview, etc. to other people. It is amazing that a first grader can use technology so well.

In the interview, Ms. Cassidy, Dr. Strange and his class discuss questions about how she uses technology in her classroom. This interview was very helpful. I agree with her that every teacher needs to be technologically advanced. Without EDM310, I don't think I would be. Ms. Cassidy says, "technology is not going away." Technology is not going away because it is constantly changing and progressing. Ms. Cassidy says that she has great support from her school, technology coordinator, and district area. Having support to help you with technology in your classroom is important when blogging, making video productions, etc. A quote from Ms. Cassidy that stood out to me was, "we have to change because the world is changing."


  1. "I want to incorporate blogging in my future classroom. " Do it!

    Yes, we have to change because the world is changing! What do we do with teachers that do not change?

    Soon it will be your teacher who will change and grow as the world changes around her!

  2. Hi Lauren,
    These children really are amazing! I was also introduced to blogging through EDM 310 and it is really something I want to use in my classrooms. It is a fun and interactive way to get your students involved in the material that they are learning. I also really enjoyed your quote from Ms.Cassidy. Technology is really not going away and we need to embrace it to the fullest! This was a great post and keep up the good work!

  3. Technology advances and evolves more and more every day, and we definitely need our teachers to keep up!

    "It is amazing that a first grader can use technology so well." I think children are a lot more capable than what we give them credit for!