Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blog Post #14- Marvelous Me!

Do you want to know about your classmates? Do you want to know about your teacher? I do! Dr. Strange asked us to create a blog post assignment titled "What Did I Leave Out?" At the beginning of the semester, our first practice blog post was to tell about ourselves. I was glad because then I could learn about my classmates and group members. But, I wanted a more creative and more visual aspect to it. When we were assigned this assignment, I thought of a great way to bring writing to life! If you were an elementary student, wouldn't you want that too? One of my teachers last semester, Mrs. Freeman, created a slideshow about her and showed it on our first day of class. I thought, I want to do this with my future students! I started thinking about a tool I discussed in one of my previous posts called PhotoPeach. PhotoPeach is an easy, engaging tool for creating slideshows.


1. Find images on Google or you can use images you already have that you would use to tell about yourself.
2. Save them for later use on PhotoPeach.
3. Create an account for PhotoPeach (FREE!)
4. Click Create New Slideshow: Upload Photos
5. You may upload as many photos as you would like by simply choosing them from a file.
6. Click Next.
7. Give your slideshow a title and a description.
8. Choose background music by scrolling through the music listed. If you don't like what they have, click on the Search YouTube tab and search music.
9. Click Finish.
10. Click the Edit tab to edit caption and photos, edit music and title, add photos, manage comments, delete show, or download the show.
11. Put your mouse over the right side of your slideshow and click the Embed in Blog button.
12. Copy and paste into your blog.
13. Be Creative! Have Fun! Tell about yourself!

Here is my slideshow!

Marvelous Me on PhotoPeach


  1. An interesting idea. Does it add anything that Google Docs doesn't do? I may add it next semester. See Caitlin Lankford's suggestion which is designed to accomplish the same objective but with different tools.

  2. Lauren,

    Very cool! It allows you to add music while Google Presentations does not.