Sunday, July 21, 2013

Blog Post #16

Never Stop Learning

Part One

At the beginning of the semester I imagined my elementary classroom as having a SMARTboard, iPads, and computers. I also imagined it to be colorful, creative, collaborative and fun. For the first two or three weeks, I didn’t’ really know how to incorporate technology in the classroom and I wasn’t very technologically literate. Throughout the semester in EDM310, Dr. Strange assigned us to use and discuss many tools for the classroom and when learning. In my future classroom, I want to use technology as much as possible. Technology changes constantly, which means we must change. I have learned that as a future educator, I must always be a lifelong learner.

After using the many tools encountered in EDM310, I know which tools I will continue using every day and in my future classroom. Technology is beneficial in the classroom for students and teachers. SMARTboards are a major tool in the classroom for teaching lessons, watching educational videos, etc. iPads apps are also a major tool. Students are able to learn and do activities on the iPads that are educational. There are also special needs apps to help accommodate special needs students. Another tool I will use in my classroom is Blogger. Blogging enables children to enhance their literacy skills and share their activities, pictures, and ideas all over the world. Parents, family members, other students and educators are able to comment on the student’s various activities they post on their blogs.

I also plan on using tools and resources such as Skype, iCurio, Discovery Ed., podcasts, Google Docs, Padlet and iMovie. I will use Skype so that my students can ask questions to other educators. I will use iCurio so that my students have the opportunity to use a safe search engine to search the web. Discovery Ed. Is also a useful tool to that gives text a visual aspect and brings the text to life. Podcasts, Padlet and Google Docs are also resources that I will use in my classroom. Another tool I will use is iMovie so that my students have the opportunity to make movies in collaborative projects, such as a green screen movie.

Technology plays an important role in the classrooms today. To be a successful teacher, you must be interested in learning. Therefore, you must be willing to be technologically literate because the technology is always changing. I have learned so much this semester that I will take with me throughout my education and future teaching career.

Part Two


  1. " I must always be a lifelong learner. " You are right about that!

    You did have a good group! Keep on learning!

  2. Lauren,

    It seems EDM 310 bombards you with so many technology tools but it is important to find what YOU like the best. You have definitely chosen what works for you. Good job this semester!